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Artist Statement

My pieces incorporate repetitive spirals and fast/fluid black ink lines, paint spatters and reticulation of thinned paint, or ink. The colors chosen reflect the mood at the time or the subject matter, which is often just a phrase or lyric that becomes the title of the piece. Often, they don't even fill the entire surface, much to the chagrin of some. The loose boundary, however, contains the emotion inside -- much like my own life -- and tends to be very symbolic of my own controlled chaos.

Cardboard is so seemingly ordinary but yet very versatile and thus, I enjoy using it as canvas. It has a purpose, an inner strength that often goes unnoticed. Bend it, break it, tear it -- it can still be patched up and used for it's original purpose or something new. Paint bleeds and contrasts with the value of the cardboard and ink and paint on cardboard can either be absorbed or repelled -- and I enjoy the constant pull. This constant repulsion and attraction is a delicate balance, much like life and it is an important factor in the art I create.

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